The Adams House, the oldest history museum in the Black Hills: what goes on inside?

 The Adam's House is the oldest history museum in the Black Hills.
The Adam's House is the oldest history museum in the Black Hills. (KOTA)
Published: Oct. 12, 2019 at 7:31 PM CDT
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It's the oldest history museum in the Black Hills. Built in 1892, the Adam's House is a popular hit for people wanting a paranormal experience... and I got an exclusive look inside.

The master bedroom at the Adam's House is one of the bedrooms that picks up the most paranormal activity when investigations are taking place.

In 1925, the first owner of the house suffered a devastating loss.... losing, his wife, daughter and grandchild died within 48 hours.

I asked Rose Speirs, the Communications Director for Deadwood History Inc a few questions.

Do you think he still lives here?

"Could be. I think there's evidence that points in that direction, also Nathan Franklin, the second owner of the home. A lot of evidence last night was pointing towards Nathan," said Speirs.

By using spirit boxes, audio recorders and grids that spot shadows present, Black Hills Paranormal Investigations comes in with tours to find evidence.

'We had an investigative group up here for the paranormal activity, and Moe asked me to go check something in the hallway, Moe is the team leader, one of the team leaders for Black Hills Paranormal Investigations and an E.V.P was picked up on his recorder that said, 'Where is Rose going?' It was an old lady's voice.. and there was no old lady in the room," said Speirs.

Whether its just an old house... or haunted.. its an experience for you to decide.

"But, there are many, many, people that come during the day for a traditional tour of the home have experiences too," said Speirs.

W.E. Adam's was the last owner of the Adam's House and they're not sure if he slept in the left bed or the right bed, but you can maybe find out yourself by taking a paranormal investigation yourself at the Adam's House.