Tapping into the craft beer business

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The Black Hills are home to a growing number of breweries, and another is about to open its doors.

Dakota Point Brewing is the brainchild of Neal Schlottman, Jim Boulter and Dave Eddy. The brewery is located in the Landstrom's Building in Rapid City.

The Landstrom's Building is undergoing renovations and filling up with local businesses. The building's owner, Dr. Robert Lemley, considers the brewery to be one of the anchors of the location's future.

As a Rapid City resident, Boulter knew the spot and is excited to be a part of the renovation.

"Being from Rapid City and driving through the gap a lot, you keep looking at the Landstrom's Building going 'you know, that might be a really good place for something very exciting to happen,' and with Dr. Lemley's vision and what we want to do, it all kind of came together."

Dakota Point Brewing's Head Brewer, Dave Eddy, says they have

"One thing that we're doing is cask beers. I fell in love with cask beers down in Denver. It's a British style of beers, served a little warmer. It's not forced carbonated. It uses the yeast and the sugars in the beer to naturally carbonate itself," Eddy said.

When they open their doors and taps, Schlottman hopes the people of the Black Hills come and see just how well the building and brewery fit together.

"We've got a great building. It's going to look wonderful. This old industrial look that we're playing with, it really fits well with what our plans are here," Schlottman said.