Survey finds distracted drivers taking more photos

Published: May. 25, 2017 at 4:06 PM CDT
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Results from a State Farm distracted driving survey show that cell phone use continues to be a major distraction for drivers behind the wheel.

“The good news is that when it comes to using a phone while driving, we’ve seen only small increases in risky behaviors,” said State Farm spokesman Jim Camoriano. “The bad news is that with this year’s survey, we’re finding that drivers are taking more pictures and recording more videos than they did in the past. Drivers want to share what they see while traveling.”

State Farm reports that 91 percent of drivers own a smartphone with more than half of them reporting that they use them while driving. Despite several years of steady increases in cellphone use and distracted driving, taking pictures and recording videos are the only areas that saw major increases this year.

Survey results found the following:

- 50 percent talk on a hand-held phone

- 35 percent text while driving

- 29 percent access the internet while driving

- 26 percent read email behind the wheel; 21 percent respond

- 22 percent access social networks

- 23 percent take pictures; 14% record video

- 93 percent talk to passengers; 23 percent attend to children; 21 percent attend to pets in the car

Other distractions reported include listening to loud music, eating, speeding and driving tired.

Those participating in the survey said that they use their phones while driving even though they understand it can lead to a crash. Drivers also responded that they used their phones while driving to: search the internet, capture something they saw, stay in touch and to improve their efficiency in getting work done to name a few.

Results of the survey showed a correlation between the number of self-reported cellphone use and the number of crashes.

For a link to the full survey results, click here: