Super Dogs for Super Heroes is looking for your help

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - If you're looking to give back to the community while also spending some time with furry friends, then you're in luck.

Volunteering in a unique way. (KOTA)

Every Saturday, the founder of Super Dogs for Super Heroes provides classes to owners and volunteers to help train their service animals.

During the training, they go through different activities and drills.

The exercises are designed to help the animals be up to par when they go out to the community.

And now, the founder is looking for volunteers to help in various ways, from distracting the dogs to handling them during class.

"All the dogs here are solid. So we need distractions. Primarily that's all we're looking for. We need someone to be a distraction. For someone to ride a bike. Someone to wear a big hat, a big coat. That's all," says the founder, Becky Flanagan.

If anyone is interested in volunteering, they can head to Roosevelt Park on Saturday morning on Jan. 25.