Sundance Wyoming hosts Third Annual Winter Festival

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SUNDANCE Wyo (KOTA TV) - Five hundred pounds of snow, and thousands of people covered downtown Sundance Wyoming Saturday.

The streets were flooded for the third Annual Sundance Winter Festival.

"It's something new that you don't see around these parts,” said participant Sherri Moeller.

This 60-foot-long adventure filled course was the idea of Steve Lenz.

"We wanted it to be more of a wild and willy contest, and invite people to come here and do something that doesn't have a lot of rules,” said founder Steve Lenz.

It's grown from 500 people to more than 2,000 in just three years.

"There are license plates from all over Iowa, from South Dakota and North Dakota and from different counties in Wyoming,” said Sundance Mayor Paul Brooks.

It's the non-stop thrill that brings people out.

"We skijor behind horses, have wild horse in tube races, down hill bar stool races, foodies and vendors.” Said Lenz.

Mayor Paul Brooks said this event shines a light on their city.

"We try to have a nice community and maybe when they come here there’s a snapshot that says you know I want to live there, and that’s fairly important to us,” said Brooks.