Sturgis residents will pay a tax for city services, city council approves

STURGIS, S.D. (KOTA TV) - To some Sturgis residents, expect to see a new bill because the city council Monday night approved a tax for home owners to pay for using city services.

A Sturgis resident living in Oak Acres reviews the map drawing the Sturgis City Council members created to discuss the city services boundary lines.

The Sturgis City Council annexed two locations, Henrichsen and Oak Acres, as new properties to pay the city back for services the home owners were using.

The two areas are adjacent to the city limits and are using services like water, sewage, police, fire and ambulance but according to the council members, not all residents were paying their fair share.

According to the city's attorney, Greg Barnier, says the amount the residents will have to pay varies as it depends on the amount of property they have.

Though it's an extra bill, he said it's only fair.

"Those that are benefiting, even though it raises the cost for them, really those who benefit ought to be paying a fair share. This is the way the legislature enables the city to make that kind of change."

The new tax bill will come in 2022.