Sturgis business owners brainstorm to help local shops

STURGIS, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Business owners, employees, and managers rallied together Monday morning at Sturgis Coffee Company to brainstorm the future of shopping locally.

Business owners in Sturgis

Veronica Grosek is an executive director at the Sturgis Chamber of Commerce.

"How can we get the business owners together and other people that are invested in the community to get some ideas flowing and get more exposure out there for these businesses and we thought well maybe we will have a casual coffee and conversation type of thing instead of a committee meeting because the idea of a committee is a little scary to some people," said Grosek.

Trying to stray away from the rally brand, this hidden gem of a town has more to offer, including local shopping.

Kami Grubl is the owner of Just For Looks Boutique.

"We just want to make sure that we stay on the right track and that we get people supporting the businesses that are here," said Grubl. "The more support we get locally the more businesses that will come in and open."

Business in Sturgis is up and new locations like Hotel Sturgis and Uncle Louie's Family restaurant are open, but the problem is getting the word out.

Local businesses in Sturgis are finding new ways on the internet and social media to get people to start shopping locally.

"As we all know social media is a huge way that people know what's going on now a days and as chamber of commerce we know that things are changing and people don't always necessarily go to the chamber of commerce to get their recommendations for restaurants and this and that," said Grosek. "They are going to social media media more, so we want to make sure we are part of that and we are growing with that trend and we are utilizing it to our best advantage."

The next get together will be held at 9 AM on November fourth at the Sturgis Coffee Company.