Sturgis Motorcycle Museum raising funds to open second location

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STURGIS, SD (KOTA TV) - The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame is expanding to a second location in Sturgis.

The new location will be off of Interstate 90 and Exit 32.

They are planning on moving the Hall of Fame part of their museum when the museum opens, which they hope will be complete by the 80th rally, but they are keeping everything Sturgis related at their current location off Main Street.

Executive Director of the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame, Myrick Robbins, says “We're going to organize that collection into a timeline of rally's starting from 1938, with pappy and pearl and the jack pine gypsies, and show the bikes and the uniforms and the collection, the artifacts that came from that era. And then do the same in 1940, and 1945, and 1950, you know all the way up to until present day and it will be more of a timeline experience and focus on the Heritage that's here at the rally."

They have started fundraising to help pay for the project. Right now they have nearly two million dollars but can't break ground until they have another million.

They are hoping to break ground on the multimillion dollar project this year.

"We'll spend as much as we get in donations and so our goal is to be around that 5 million range. You know, if we get more than that, then that's what the building will look like and have that much greater of an experience, but we will manage our budget according to how much we get in donations," explains Robbins.

They won't have it done before the upcoming Sturgis rally, but soon after they plan to have a virtual reality component of the museum that gives anyone the chance to ride down historic Main Street during the Sturgis rally even when rally is not going on.