Sturgis student chooses 2-year degree, on her way to being a pastry chef

STURGIS, S.D. (KOTA TV) - While a 4 year degree is a popular path to take after high school, one student is taking a different career path for her future.

Senior Felicity Ferwerda demonstrates proper cutting techniques learned through the ProStart program offered at Sturgis Brown High School.

'When I was younger I wanted to kind of be a scientist of some sort, then carrying on to middle school I really found a passion for cooking and baking and everything like that," said Sturgis Brown High School senior, Felicity Ferwerda.

Through ProStart, a program that teaches students about cooking and proper techniques, Ferwerda was able to get her ServSafe Certification, a food safety training program right at Sturgis Brown High School.

Coleen Keffeler is the career and technical education coordinator and instructor at Sturgis Brown High School.

"When she gets to culinary school she is going to have some type of food safety certification and she'll have to pay for it at the post-secondary level, and here she was able to get it for free," said Keffeler.

Ferwerda plans on attending Johnson and Wales University in Colorado for a two year program in culinary arts.

"I was excited to get out into the world and start my career.. and it wasn't really like I wanted to do it faster and I want to do it now, it was just more along how I work as a student and it would be easier for me to get everything done in that time frame," said Ferwerda.

"The two year degree program, you're in school for less time, there's the opportunity to get out and start making some money right away, some of the fields the pay is pretty significant," said Keffeler.

"Mrs. Keffeler, she's really helped me develop my passion for baking more and it's just helped me know that I'm ready to that," added Ferwerda.

At Sturgis Brown High School, students can also earn an OSHA General Industry Certification, a comprehensive safety training program designed for anyone working in general industries by being involved in career and technical education programs offered at the school.

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