Study shows strength in South Dakota's agriculture industry

Agriculture contributes $32.5 billion, annually, to South Dakota’s economy, up from $25.6 billion. This accounts for 33 percent of South Dakota’s total economic output. (KOTA TV)

PIERRE, S.D. (KEVN/KOTA TV) - Agriculture continues to be the driving force behind South Dakota’s economy, with an annual economic impact of $32.5 billion.

According to a new study by the state Department of Agriculture this is up $6.9 billion from 2014 when it was reported that agriculture’s impact was $25.6 billion.

Ag makes up 33 percent of South Dakota’s total economic output; creating about 22 percent of all jobs in the state, 132,105 compared to 115,651 in 2014’s study.

“This study is very encouraging,” said South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture Kim Vanneman. “It’s been a tough couple years for folks in agriculture with unpredictable weather and tough markets, but these numbers show that the heartbeat of agriculture is strong.”

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