Store preparations for Black Friday

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Black Friday. A day where many shoppers head to stores to get top-notch deals. And to make sure customers are happy, many stores plan for the big rush.

The staff is getting ready to help many customers during Black Friday. (KOTA)

"There's a huge demand for people who want to shop, and right now, it's our time to help people to the best of our ability," says the store manager for The Buckle, Bailey Mccurry.

When it comes to the Buckle on an average day, they usually have about six people working throughout the store, but on Black Friday, they will have 16 people overlapping the whole time.

"Bulk up our staff. We have a huge training process that we go through. And this year, we have a video series that every teammate will be able to watch," says Mccurry.

During Black Friday, you can expect a crowd of people, but remember, the staff at the store is working hard to make sure you get in and out.

And when it comes to Riddle's Jewelry, the staff is also getting ready for the rush.

"Everyone is always ready and prepared to get to that next customer and help them as quickly as possible," says the store manager for Riddle's Jewelry, Aubrey Hoxworth.

And like the Buckle, there will be more staff members at Riddle's to make sure customers find the perfect item they're looking for.

"Multiple locations here in Rapid City, so we're able to share employees from all of your locations," says Hoxworth.

Both store managers say they believe their team members are ready and fully trained for the busy day.