State Representative Scyller Borglum tackles rural education with new initiative

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - State representative Scyller Borglum of Rapid City is taking a trip around the state to have one-on-one conversations about how to make education in rural areas more accessible.

Representative Borglum wants to help high school students in less-populated areas have a better shot at going to post-secondary schools. She plans to have one-on-one sessions with educators, students and parents around the state to find ways to improve rural education accessibility.

But now Borglum thinks adding more educational technology, like online classes, could take it to the next level. She wants to find new ways to track students' progress to help them on an individual level. Borglum plans to work with the airmen at Ellsworth Air Force Base too.

"You're going to be reassigned and that can be really really hard when you are pursuing graduate degrees, especially technical degrees. By developing courses or a course or maybe a specific masters program to start with we can engage our service men and women on the air force base and help them get started. If we can leverage that with South Dakota School of Mines everybody wins," Borglum said.

Borglum will host listening sessions around the state until the end of the summer.