Star Wars fans meet original concept artist in Rapid City

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Colin Cantwell, the original Star Wars concept artist, stopped by Heroes and Villains downtown to sign autographs and say hello Tuesday evening.

Original Star Wars concept artist Colin Cantwell stops by Heroes and Villains downtown to sign autographs and meet fans. (KOTA TV)

"I had to bring one of my collectible to be signed," one fan said.

"We're huge Star Wars fans, the entire family. Me and my sister are both phenomenal fans. Multiple times, we've gone to Disney now so we're kind of excited to go down to the new exhibit down in Florida," another fan said.

Cantwell and his partner Sierra Dall have traveled all across the world to share his work on well-known spacecraft like the X-Wing, Star Destroyer, Death Star, and other iconic Star Wars ships.

"If it looks like someone might be a Star Wars fan from the kind of shirt They have on, I'd ask them if they are a Star Wars fan and do you want to meet Colin and it's like OMG, I can't believe it's Colin Cantwell," Dall said.

Cantwell said the tour reveals many people even began their careers because of Cantwell's designs

'We've had many aeronautical engineers come up and say that he inspired them to begin in the aeronautical engineer that they wouldn't have otherwise and architects and designers and all kinds of people have been inspired by his work."

Cantwell will continue to tour the Midwest and then head to Mexico to leave his legendary mark from his work on the worldwide pop-culture phenomenon.