Spearfish High School hosts Freshman Impact Day

Published: Apr. 18, 2016 at 6:05 PM CDT
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Spearfish High School hosted Freshman Impact on Monday, to teach students about the consequences of driving under the influence, taking drugs and more.

436 students from Wyoming, North and South Dakota got hands-on experience with law enforcement, fire/ and medical personnel to learn about the effects of poor choices at Spearfish High School.

"When you're a freshman you get your driver’s licenses or your restricted and so it's just teaching them that you shouldn't do these things," said Cayce Clark, Sophomore.

One of the biggest focuses of the day was seat-belt safety and safe driving.

"It can cause a lot of damage not just to you but your family," said freshman Sierra Estes.

Students had the opportunity to wear goggles that mimic what a person who's under the influence might see, and they drove behind the wheel.

"It's not what I'm used to. Everything was at different lengths and I got dizzy," said freshman Jayden Deichert.

Each student rode "The Convincer", a machine that made the students think twice about not wearing their seat belt.

"It makes you not want to do it. It's hard," said Deichert.

There were 7 learning stations including Mental Health, Social Media ,Drug Usage and Fire and Medical. At Fire and Medical, students saw what first responders do at the scene of an accident.

"They will now think before they get into a car. The speakers that we have definitely impact the kids and seeing the accident and how real it can be sticks with them for the rest of their lives," said Coordinator Brooke Helton.

Some of the upperclassmen also participated in a mock accident, followed by a funeral and mock sentencing hearing.

"It was a bit out of my comfort zone but I thought it was important in order to show others the message," said Jessica Ryan, senior.

Over 2,300 freshman students from Wyoming, North and South Dakota are scheduled to participate throughout the year.