South Middle School student in trouble for having BB gun

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - A student at South Middle School in Rapid City is in trouble for bringing a BB gun to school Friday.

BB guns can look like regular firearms. This is a Daisy BB gun involved in a police shooting in Washington state in 2003. (Associated Press)

The student, who was not named, will be subjected to school board policy and appropriate laws relating to weapons on school grounds; according to a Rapid City Area Schools release.

The school got a tip Friday morning and found the BB gun during a search. The gun appeared to look like a real firearm.

"This incident was dealt with swiftly and effectively," says Rapid City Police Department Juvenile Operations Sergeant Tim Doyle. "This situation was resolved after a tip from another student. Students should never hesitate to alert school staff to any safety concerns within our schools."

There is no current threat at the school.

School administrators say … “If you see something suspicious, it is important to say something to a school administrator or to law enforcement. In this way, we are all working together to keep our schools safe.”

It is against the law to bring weapons of any type to school.

While most people might want to dismiss a BB gun as a toy, the Consumer Protection Safety Council disagrees, citing four deaths a year caused by BB guns or pellet rifles.