South Dakota town may be small; but its jackpot is 'Yuuuuuuge'

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HUDSON, S.D. (KSFY) - Are you feeling lucky?

You could win thousands of dollars in an upcoming drawing and we aren’t talking about the Powerball.

Waddy’s bar has a fast growing jackpot of $216,133 and it all goes to a great cause.

Part of the money raised goes to the Southeast Area Pink Ladies who are raising money for those battling cancer.

“There’s always people to help that are battling cancer,” Southeast Area Pink Ladies president Sara Pearson said. “It’s very sad how many names that we receive so there’s never a limit on how much money we can raise for them.”

Right around 300 people live in Hudson, but on Wednesday nights the town's population multiplies by 15 times.

“One day there was a 120 cars that went by and so they are coming from all over,” Waddy’s bartender Penny White said. “It boasters the community. It puts Hudson on the map. I mean it’s such a small town probably 3/4ths of the people have never heard of it.”

What has everyone coming to town is a game at Waddy's bar.

You buy a raffle ticket which gives you a chance to pick a card.

You’re hoping to find the queen of diamonds.

There’s three cards left and the queen has yet to be found.

“Last week we sold a $100,010 worth,” Pearson said. “So it has really really grown.”

Pearson said people have been buying raffle tickets for weeks.

“Well I’ve been here about every week since the start,” raffle buyer Bob Fitch said.

The longer the queen stays hidden, the more people have been spending money hoping for a chance.

“Well we can’t believe it’s still going on,” Fitch said. “We say ‘oh this has got to be the week’ and then it would be $60,000. Nobody would win and then we would say ‘oh next week somebody will win’ Then it would be $80,000 and it just kept going on and on.”

So many have taken part, that the raffle jackpot now sits at over $216,000.

“If they draw the queen of diamonds they get the $216,133 plus 40 percent of that nights sales and then plus they’ll get their 10 percent winnings,” Pearson said.

But, even if you don't find the queen…

“The girl that won last week didn’t draw the queen obviously and she got $11,080.

The real winners will be those fighting cancer.

The Pink Ladies are giving most of the money raised to local cancer outreach programs.

“Last week it was pretty emotional when I thought about the fact that we raised $55,000 in one night,” Pearson said. “You know that’s going to touch a lot of lives.”

So until that queen of diamonds is drawn…

“We got to get some of each,” Fitch said. “The lucky number is in here somewhere.”