South Dakota gubernatorial candidates make last push on campaign trail

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - In less than 48 hours the polls will close and South Dakota will have a new governor-elect.

Billie Sutton and Kristi Noem are pulling out all of the stops to convince voters they are right for the job.

The midterm elections are just days away, and the candidates for South Dakota governor are on the last stretch of their campaigns making stops in several cities.

Billie Sutton took the time to video chat with us while he was on the road campaigning, and we spoke with Kristi Noem while at her stop in Rapid City at the First Assembly of God church.

When we last looked at the polls, Noem was just three points higher than Sutton, and we asked them, "Why do you think this race is so close?"

Kristi Noem, Republican, South Dakota Gubernatorial Candidate, says, "I think this race has been very close just because we have a lot of money being spent. My opponent will have more money than any democratic candidate for governor has ever had. And because we both have been talking about our visions for South Dakota, and I think a lot of the things that he said have been conservative words that he's used, but his record doesn't back that up."

Billie Sutton, Democrat, South Dakota Gubernatorial Candidate, says, "I think it's because people are ready for something new. They're kind of tired of politics as usual. They're ready for an honest, open, transparent government. We've constantly heard that, and I've proven that I can bring that. I've brought legislation to do that, opening up government emails to keeping records for longer periods of time."

The candidates have openly talked about mental health in our state as well as veterans' rights, but what's the first issue they'd tackle if elected into office?

Kristi Noem says, "One of them is getting high speed internet service to every corner of South Dakota. We cannot recruit businesses, we cannot do education properly, if we don't have high-speed internet to a lot of our small towns in this state."

Billie Sutton says, "Making sure that we have that openness and transparency in state government. With the scandals that have been out there, they feel like state government's gotten really complacent. They want it to to be responsive to people and number 2, tackle workforce development. "

Both Noem and Sutton will be in Sioux Falls on election day on Tuesday, November 6th.