South Dakota Made: Spearfish businesses share space, customer-oriented service

Published: May. 31, 2018 at 12:45 PM CDT
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From keeping cool while cruising the Black Hills to creating signs for businesses, two local companies see tremendous community support.

In our next "South Dakota Made" edition, we learn about the Spearfish businesses housed in the same building.

He's been in the window tinting industry for a decade now, but Quality Tints owner Jeff Shafer just opened a Spearfish shop last year.

"I started with a business in Aberdeen and started with residential and commercial. Then over the course of time, moved out here and was working for Sierra Designs and I asked if I could bring in my truck one day and tint my windows, so I did that and Andrea told me I should start doing that around here," Shafer said.

Andrea Milano owns Sierra Design Signs and shares the same space with Quality Tints.

"I started this business back in 1996 and I just wanted to do something different and so I started this business not knowing anything. Twenty-two years later, it's turned into this huge thing," Milano said.

Unlike Shafer, she's been in the Black Hills since 2000 and is ready to meet anyone's needs.

"We do an array of stuff: a logo design, banners, signs, vehicle wraps we specialize in - we're fully trained and certified - we do decals, pretty much anything you want," Milano said. "For new businesses, we have new business packages so kind of incorporates whole different things business cards anything they would need."

There's one common myth Shafer wants to address for people looking for the perfect tint.

"a lot of people have a feeling that tinting is all dark, but not all tint is dark. I mean, we have things that are clear. There's such beautiful views out here, people want to actually keep that view what they see out of their house, but yet it's so hot or they have really bad glares, so we have clear stuff for them," Shafer said. "We have dark stuff for the people that do like the really dark window tinting as well, but as for cars we do all the cars however you want there, we also have light stuff for cars too since people don't like that."

Quality Tints also have a variety of security films as well as a new line of clear designs for shower doors.

From Milano's thousands of clients across the state to Shafer's new business taking off, the duo enjoy making their customers the number one priority.

"We're very hands-on, we're very personable, we always remember who you are," Milano said.

"I take a big pride in like the views. They want to see certain things out their window and I want to give them exactly what they want," Shafer said. "It's not about making money, it's about giving the customer exactly what they want."

If you want more information on these businesses, we'll have the location and links you need to the right of this article.