South Dakota Made: Candyland dishes out sweet treats for all ages

Published: May. 10, 2018 at 2:07 PM CDT
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Get ready for some magic and fun with the first stop in our South Dakota Made segment. We're taking a trip to Hill City and pouring the sugar on the start of Candyland.

The colorful road to Candyland began in 2016.

"My brother called me about a year ago in October and decided that we should do a candy store out of the blue and asked if I was on board and here we are a year later," Candyland Manager Wendy Bobbe said.

Sweet treats can be found in every barrel around the store from a huge assortment of taffys and popcorns to bulk bins full of M&M's and chocolates.

"Pretty much you name it, you can find it," Bobbe said.

The cotton candy machine is the designated favorite for children.

"They get to watch it being made and they get so excited," Bobbe said. "They become like blue or pink monsters, whatever flavor happens to be in there."

The pucker powder machine is also a hit for kids. They can fill up their own tube full of flavored sugar.

Lining several boxes in Candyland are more than 150 soda flavors that can make anyone bubble over with laughter.

"There's ranch dressing, there's butter, there's dirt, there's bloody nose, there's just so many fun varieties. They get such a kick out of the names," Bobbe said.

Not only is Candyland a young kids hangout, but a place for kids at heart.

"It's just super fun. Having people come in and find candies they haven't seen since they were little kids because we tons of retro stuff is pretty cool," Bobbe said.

This last winter, Candyland owners added onto the kitchen. This gives staff the chance to make some of their own chocolates.

"Right away, we were ordering everything in, but now we've got a lot of it here. Our own fudge, pretzels, dipped marshmallows, things like that," Bobbe said.

Another fun addition to Candyland is gourment pet treats! They come in plenty of shapes like ice cream cones or baseball mitts.

The state's largest candystore isn't stopping there - the owners have some big plans for the future.

"I sometime woud like to see something outside, something for the kids to do to have fun," Bobbe said.

This weekend for Mother's Day, Candyland is doing a summer kickoff with discounts and homemade samples. If you want more information, you can visit their website or Facebook page found on the right of this article.

Next Thursday, May 17, Kayleigh Schmidt will be taking a look at a high-tech company started by some School of Mines students.

If you have a South Dakota owned business that you want featured on this segment, feel free to email Kayleigh at