Some ballot issues succeeded, others failed Tuesday night

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN/KOTA TV) - South Dakota voters were in no mood for a tobacco tax or change to campaign finance and lobbying laws but they seem to want to keep out-of-state money from being funneled into these ballot issues.

Here are where the issues stand:

Constitutional Amendment W, changing campaign finance and lobbying laws: 55 percent voted no while 45 percent said yes.

Constitutional Amendment X, increase number of votes required to change the constitution: Nope, says 54 percent of voters; 46 percent agree however.

Constitutional Amendment Z, limiting these amendments to one subject: 62 percent say yes; 38 percent no.

Initiated Measure 24, prohibit out0of-state funding of ballot questions: 56 percent agree, 44 percent say no.

Initiated Measure 25, tobacco tax hike: 55 percent are in no mood for the hike, 45 percent had no problem with the increase.