Snow removal crews play catch up

Crews play catch up to clear streets.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - "Try to give yourself that little extra time to get where you need to get safely," said Dale Pfeifle the Street Department Superintendent.

When snowy weather rolls around, road safety can be a concern in Rapid City.

Wednesday's storm was a slight shock to the street division. Though they knew it was coming, the circumstances surrounding the cleanup were different.

"We keep saying that every snow event is different and a lot of that has to do with the timing of the event and this one came at such an inopportune time that it made it difficult to treat it because of the traffic that got on the streets," said Pfeifle. "Once you get the traffic on the street then you have to obviously drive with the traffic and if it's slippery in front of you, you have to take your turn to get there to treat the street."

And to treat the roads, the street division used around 1,500 gallons of apex and more than 500 tons of salt to cover over 15 hundred lane miles of roads.

With all the resources used to make the community safe, early-season snowfall can serve as a learning opportunity for street crews to keep the roads safe all year round.

"This one here will teach us, teach the employees that we have, how to deal with the traffic in a more efficient matter," said Pfeifle.

Every chance is a learning opportunity for the street division, but they are not the only ones that can learn from this.

"Just be kind-hearted and courteous to the people around you and drive the road. Don't drive, if it says thirty five miles per hour or forty or whatever might be. Don't drive the speed limit, drive whatever the road gives you. I mean if you have to drive 10-15 miles per hour," said Pfeifle.

The crews will be working throughout the night to make sure Thursday mornings commute will be safe.