Snow removal process expansive in Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Now that summer is officially over and winter is coming, we need to prepare for the upcoming winter months, specifically snowy road conditions.


The City of Rapid City has more than 40 pieces of snow clearing equipment. This includes standard plow trucks, sanders, pickups with plows and sandboxes, wing blades,

The snow removal process is expansive and well-organized.

"We're out from the time it starts until it's over, and we continue to address the situation until it's entirety addressed," said Dale Pfeifle, Street Departments Superintendent. "We'll work, sometimes up to 14- 15 hours in a row."

Without the snow removal process, we wouldn't be able to safely travel the roads come snowy winter, a thought that Pfeifle does not take lightly.

"When it starts snowing, we start addressing it, we try to be as proactive as we can," said Pfeifle. "We've got some brine material that we put on bridge decks and things like that to try to treat it before it freezes, before it even starts to snow"

So, be nice to the snow removal crews, give them space on the road, and be nice to the other drivers, too.