Snow plows working around the clock

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RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - From Homestead, to the Valley to Copperfield, more than 15 hundred miles are covered by snow plow crews every time we get wintery conditions.

"This storm here is kind of a different one. They're all different but this one is warmer than usual which is helping us we don't need as much product," says Dale Pfeifle the superintendent with Rapid City Street Department.

The city has now implemented a new pre-wet mix on nearly all of their plows to stay on top of the winter weather. This mix consists of magnesium chloride that coats the salt left on the roads, making your commute faster.

"We should be able to control it. It should stay on the streets faster and we won't use as much product," says Pfeifle.

One thing to keep in mind as these plows are on the roads, be cautious while you drive around them. Always remember, don't crowd the plow.

"We're out there for their safety obliviously and that's our primary goal is to keep the traveling public safe," says Pfeifle.