Snow crews work around the clock for safer roads

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Saturday's storm left more than an impression on Rapid City streets.

Rapid City crews clearing the streets days after the blizzard.

Snow crews have been working around the clock in efforts to make the roads safe.

Crews have been hitting the residential streets aggressively since the storm ended, but there is a snow policy that the city has to go by.

Communications Coordinator for Rapid City Darrell Shoemaker said that during a storm, residential areas are sometimes lowest on the priority list and that's when the city will try to utilize contractors in those areas.

"Our main priorities with any storm event is always to keep our emergency routes, our main lines, our hills, and collectors open," said Shoemaker. "Storm event like this with all the wind it was a big challenge. We'd clear those areas and it would sock right back in and we would have to retrace our steps."

When the city needs more staff, they pull crews from the solid waste division to help out in clearing the streets.