Smart parking meters could cut down on unpaid tickets

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RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - At the city administration building 3,800 tickets are left unpaid, all from 2015. Whether its from tourists, locals or college students, city accountants are asking the legal and finance committee on Wednesday to clear these debts.

"Efforts by the city to collect the bills, those were unsuccessful and so they needed consideration for whipping those off the books," says Darrell Shoemaker the communications manager for the city of Rapid City.

To try and lessen the amount of unpaid parking tickets, city officials brought in various smart meters for a trial. These meters allow you to pay with coins or credit cards. You can even pay your ticket online.

"Theoretically we would see these uncollectible's moving forward we would see them go down because it provides another option to the customer," says Shoemaker.

If legal and finance approves to wipe clear the unpaid parking tickets, it then will go to city council for the ultimate say so on Tuesday's meeting.