Slick trails in the Badlands

Published: Apr. 13, 2019 at 6:20 PM CDT
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Badlands national park is open year-round, but with no winter maintenance, the trails are a bit icey.

Wednesday's storm brought plenty of snow to most of the state. Some of it melted now that the sun is out and temperatures have gone up, but there's still enough to make things a little challenging. Parking lots at some of the viewpoint in the Badlands are still covered in snow and there are few dry patches on the walkways.

Park Rangers don't discourage people from visiting though, in fact, one ranger says moisture from the snow enhances the colors and makes the rocks look very different than they would during summer. Of course, they encourage people to use caution.

"Exercise caution when walking through the snow. A lot of times there's ice underneath the boardwalks and the boardwalks can be slippery. So slow down take your time and just be safe as you're visiting," says Park Ranger, Brad Barker.

Peak season starts around Memorial Day weekend at the Badlands so Barker suggests visiting before it gets too crowded.

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