Sinkhole update in Black Hawk

Barriers are around the sinkhole in Black Hawk. (KOTA)
Barriers are around the sinkhole in Black Hawk. (KOTA)(KOTA)
Published: May. 2, 2020 at 6:02 PM CDT
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On Monday we told you about first responders getting a call about a massive sinkhole on East Daisy Drive in Black Hawk.

And now 13 residents have to pack their belongings to move out for their safety.

Friday night, Hideaway Hills residents gathered to voice their concerns about how the sinkhole happened and what might have caused it, but the main question on their mind, what happens now going forward?

The emergency manager for Meade County, Doug Huntrods says the district is fencing off the current sinkholes as well as a couple of other areas where officials believe sinkholes will open in the future.

Huntrods says they received some updates from the underground team who went inside the sinkhole and they did more extensive mapping of the abandoned gypsum mine Thursday night.

Once they receive all the data and analyze it, the goal is to relay the information to community members.

Huntrods believes more residents will be displaced come Monday after they analyze the data.

"We've asked the families that we think would most likely be affected to probably not use their yards too much. To try and stay on solid surfaces. Prepare to move. We just don't know the extent until we do some GIS analysis of this data," says Huntrods.

By Monday afternoon Huntrods says they will have a better idea of the extent of the underground mining.

And for people wanting to take a look at the sinkhole, emergency officials emphasize that you will be fined if you go past the barricades.

There is a GoFund Me page set up for one of the families who have to evacuate.