Shopping locally means money stays in the community and strong relationships are built

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Small Business Saturday may have been put on hold due to the blizzard, but many people were making up for lost time today by getting their shopping done.

Small Business Saturday was canceled last weekend due to the blizzard, but people made sure to celebrate the fun today. (KOTA)

"I have friends and family that have small businesses, so I'm shopping to support them and my local community," says the Salazar family.

To some customers and even store owners, this is often seen as the onset of the holiday season.

This is where the store owners can showcase what their store has to offer.

"To showcase and tell our customers, thank you," says the owner of Who's Toy House, Somer Kingsbury.

And to some people, it's not only about finding the perfect item. It's about teaching their children from a young age why they should invest in their community.

"You can meet people, and it's different from bigger stores because they're more specific, and it's just nice to support the town," says one shopper, Allie Salazar.

When people buy from small businesses, it doesn't only mean more money stays in the community, but it also leads to strong relationships over the years.

"One of the best parts of my job is that I've been able to watch families grow. And it's a blessing," says Kingsbury.

Many people say they always try to shop local, but there is just something special about Small Business Saturday.