Shopping at Kicks and Giggles through video chat

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Some stores have closed due to COVID-19, and even though a local store in the downtown area suspended in-store shopping, they found a new way to bring the shopping experience to their customers.

The owner of Kicks and Giggles is Facetiming customers to show them the different items. (KOTA)

That new way is by video chatting. It doesn't only bring the shopping experience to the customers; it also helps with social distancing.

"We'll be able to show them around the room and touch and feel the clothing for them," says the owner of Kicks and Giggles, Lisa Denherder.

Currently, customers can call the store to set up a face time appointment, but soon customers can go on the website to schedule one.

"Be as technically accessible as we possibly can," says Denherder

When it comes to picking up the items, the store offers curbside pickup. All customers have to do is pull right in front of the store, and then a staff member will bring out the items.

And if you live within a ten-mile radius, the store offers delivery.

Denherder says they learn from each video chat, and they're taking it day by day.

"We're grateful for customers who understand what we're going through and what they're going through. We thank them for working with us and being as patient as possible," says Denherder.