Shocking surprise for anyone trying to break through Ellsworth AFB Bismarck Gate

Installation of the Pre-emplaced Electric Vehicle Stopper at a Tinker AFB, Okla. PEVS can slow or stop a vehicle, allowing base defenders to better determine the intent of vehicle drivers before using lethal force. (DOD photo)

ELLSWORTH AFB., S.D. (KEVN/KOTA TV) - Ellsworth Air Force Base is field testing a Department of Defense security system designed to stop vehicles from getting through a gate.

The Pre-emplaced Electric Vehicle Stopper is at the base’s Bismarck (Commercial) Gate. During the duration of the test period, no motorcycles are authorized through the Bismarck Gate.

When activated, probes are deployed, emitting an electrical pulse to shut down a vehicle. It is used in concert with other security measures, such as barriers.

An Ellsworth news release stated that “Although Ellsworth’s entry points already have robust access denial barrier measures in place which can be executed within seconds, PEVS is a new technology designed to provide base defenders another method of securing the installation and defend against unauthorized entries at our entry control points.”