Sharing advice on National Clean Out Your Computer Day

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Monday is National Clean Out Your Computer Day!

We talked with a computer expert to learn how you can clean your computer both internally and externally.

Matthew Klinger is the owner of TelNetPC, a computer sales and repair shop in Rapid City.

He says to clean your computer's fan, blow out debris and dust with a can of air or a low power air compressor.

Think of a hot computer like a human with a fever.

Just like a person, if the computer is overheated, it won't run at its peak performance.

To internally clean your computer or smart phone, Klinger suggests deleting unnecessary programs you may have running in the background, which also slow your device down.

Matthew Klinger, owner, TelNetPC, says, "Another to look at when you want to consider cleaning your computer is both malware and something that's called PUPs. PUPs are potentially unwanted programs so those are your add-ons. If you think of your browser and you get that extra tool bar that helps you search this or that, that's an add-on. That's something you don't necessarily need, but then it loads, then it's in there and it slows your computer down."

TelNetPC is running a tune up special all this week where they can internally clean your computer or device for free.