Sharing Scandinavian culture at 50th anniversary of Chapel in the Hills

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - On Saturday an iconic Rapid City church is celebrating its 50th anniversary with some Scandinavian culture.

Blacksmithing at the 50th anniversary of Chapel in the Hills in Rapid City. (KOTA TV)

More than 200 guests could hear hammer hitting steel and tools scraping wood on the lawn of Chapel in the Hills.

Multiple vendors demonstrated several skills including blacksmithing, woodcarving, and baking.

Attendees could also watch rosemaling, a Norwegian style of painting flowers.

Church members say sharing Scandinavian culture is great for the Black Hills community, but it's especially crucial for younger generations.

"We really feel that it's important to get out to the world some of the traditions and the customs of what people have been doing for years. We feel that if we do this, we can pass it on to another generation and hopefully keep that going for years to come so they can understand what their ancestors had when they came to the United States," Joyce Kringen says, co-managing director of Chapel in the Hills.

Nearly 80 couples who married at the Chapel during the past 50 years renewed their vows later in the afternoon.