Sewage backups take over Rapid City

Downtown Rapid City sewage problems

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - Sewage backups are becoming a problem across Rapid City, according to a handful of residents.

The city staff brought forward a new resolution to update the city's sewage policy.

In the past, the policy reimbursed people $3 per square foot of water. Because of inflation, the city raised it to $4 per square foot.

But for some, like Ted Wolk, that is not enough to cover the damage.

"However, one of the big issues is they're not providing refund for damage in property value," says Wolk. "So basically people who have put up 10-15 thousand dollars to replace their property's damage are basically out of money."

For the city, this conversation is just beginning. You can check out the group's Facebook page.