Senator Rounds addresses President Trump remarks and healthcare over a cup of coffee

Published: Aug. 17, 2017 at 10:22 PM CDT
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It has been a controversial time on Capitol Hill, but even during the summer recess lawmakers have to answer tough questions. That’s what Senator Mike Rounds was doing in Deadwood on Thursday afternoon.

A civil conversation over coffee, that's the goal. Senator Rounds travels the state to share a cup of coffee and talk shop. The public joined him in Deadwood with many questions, including: how do you view the president's response to Charlottesville?

"I think he needed to stay on message a little bit longer and make it very clear that the far right, those hate groups that are out there and the ones that caused this problem in Charlottesville, they have to be identified and there is no place for them in America today,” said Sen. Rounds.

Other topics at Thursday’s ‘Coffee Conversation’ included healthcare, fair taxation on credit unions and veterans affairs.

Sen. Rounds says the change to healthcare may be slow, but this is definitely not a ‘do-nothing’ congress.

"Here’s what we've done in the last week before we left: 68 bills and resolutions, 194 nominations, 188 for the military,” said Sen. Rounds, “More than we've done in the last year."

Sen. Rounds hopes there will be a common ground with Democrats, to work on healthcare and tax reform.