Search and Rescue are searching for volunteers

UTV are commonly used in missing persons searches.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The Pennington County Search and Rescue plays a key role in the Black Hills community and volunteer James Dietz loves being apart of it.

"We fill a very interesting gap in the county. There's not a department that covers the entire county that does what we do," said Dietz. "Some fire departments do extractions, we carry a few more tools than most departments to get those people out of cars and get those vehicles stabilized."

The search and rescue team covers more than three thousand square miles of land, while also helping out other counties.

And right now, the team is looking for more volunteers to fill out their ranks.

The last time the department held a volunteer sign-up event was 2 years ago.

"Our numbers are a little bit low after that, but we were sitting so good and then some of our volunteers were mines students they have since left. Some people have changed jobs, some people have just said hey my life is going in a different direction," said Dietz. "So being a volunteer, it's a little bit tough to keep people, but it's a very rewarding experience."

Right now, Pennington County Search and Rescue sits at 27 volunteers and next week they are going to be holding an event to hopefully get more people to come and volunteer.

The event will be taking place on Tuesday, December 3 at 6:30 p.m. at the search and rescue barn on 140 East Main Street North.

And when choosing the volunteers, it comes down to dedication.

"It's all-volunteer, it is a large time commitment, it's very rewarding, and it gives back in a large way to the citizens of this county," said Dietz.