School uses FitDesks to help kids concentrate better

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) A KOTA Territory teacher is using an innovative new style of desk to help students burn off a little energy without leaving their desk.

They are called the FitDesk and they combine a desk and a stationary exercise bike all in one.

Fifth grade teacher Nicole Schartz recently purchased two of them for her class at General Beadle Elementary.

The new interactive fit desks have been a welcome addition by for both the teacher and the students in helping kids avoid disruptive behaviors like constantly getting out of their seats in class.
"It gets more blood to my head to help me concentrate more", said fifth grader Zach Gaier.

Schartz added, "The children are or awake during the day, they are exerting that energy, they are getting extra exercise throughout the day, not just sitting at their desks. It's also activating their brain, keeping them more attentive throughout the day, and actually completing their work on time".

The new FitDesks cost about $800 and were purchased with the help of donors on education based crowd sourcing website Donor Choose.Org.

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