School of Mines and Technology will give out-of-state students a chance to pay less

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Out-of-state college students could save five thousand dollars if they go to the School of Mines and Technology.

The School of Mines is allowing students from North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado to come to their college but with the in-state-tuition price tag. Since 2015, the school lost about 140 students. To combat low enrollment numbers, the college is creating this deal to attract more students. About fifty percent of every new class are out-of-state students. Once they graduate, about 30 percent of out-of-state students end up staying in South Dakota to work.

"We've notice that when we are competing for students out-of-state. They're telling us they are really getting better scholarship offers and there's, you know, incentives in their own home states to keep them there. And so this allows us to be more competitive for those students," says School of Mines Admissions Associate Provost Molly Moore.

The difference in tuition will not affect the in-state-student's tuition or the school's profits. More students means more people paying for housing and for food plans, evening out the balance.

The program will start in the Summer of 2019.