School district recruits senior volunteers

Published: Aug. 27, 2018 at 2:09 PM CDT
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When Rapid City Area Schools staff talks about this senior program, they aren’t referring to teenagers.

The district wants senior citizens to volunteer in classrooms this school year. Seniors can help students from kindergarten through to that other group of “seniors” in high school.

Some of the areas involve

: reading intervention, math tutoring, science exploration and student mentoring.

Volunteers also work in classrooms as well as offices; after-school programs, chaperoning and even one-time events such as dances or family nights.

A release from the district stated: “The Rapid City Area Schools believes students grow academically and emotionally when they interact regularly with senior citizens. In fact, according to one study done by Generations United, young people who work with seniors often score better on reading tests, perform better overall in school and are more likely to be ahead academically.”

People can apply to volunteer by going to this link:

RCAS is also expanding its “Gold Card” program, which allows seniors to get into any Rapid City Area School District sponsored event for free. The card will now be free to seniors age 60 and older.

To get a card, senior citizens can stop by the district's Human Resources Office at the City-School Administration building between 8 and 4 p.m. Monday-Friday. Individuals must bring their ID to receive a card.

The district also plans to offer special “Senior Night” performances of plays and other arts events.