Scammers sending pre-foreclosure letters

Published: Mar. 26, 2018 at 3:28 PM CDT
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In January, the scam in KOTA Territory was people calling and asking for money. This time, scammers are going old school and sending letters.

They will send a fake pre-foreclosure letter stating that the owner has unpaid property taxes and they have 30 days to pay the Pennington County Treasurer's Office.

Law enforcement says this is fake. The treasure would not send out a pre-foreclosure letter. Also, there was no return address on the envelope, it did not state the amount owed and gives no way of paying the sum.

Lt. Dustin Morrison with the Pennington County Sheriff's Office believes scammers will follow-up with a phone call, using technology to mask the phony call with the actual number of the Treasurer's Office, and ask for money. He says the Treasurer would not ask for money over the phone.

Morrison says if you receive a letter or call like this, call the Pennington County Dispatch at 605-394-2151 and report it.

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