Sale of CBD oils still banned in South Dakota despite Farm Bill

Published: Dec. 20, 2018 at 5:56 PM CST
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Some businesses in the Black Hills are feeling backlash from South Dakota Senate Bill 95, which contradicts the 2018 Farm Bill. SB 95 only allows CBD oils to be used if prescribed by a doctor, not over the counter.

"It's really kind of upsetting to be a member of the last state of the union or virtually the last three states of the union that allow these products to be in their state," says Leonard Vandermate the owner of Hemporium Boutique.

For the Hemporium Boutique in Rapid City, law enforcement asked for all CBD products to be removed off the shelves. At the time, the shop had only been open for a few months. The owner is now feeling the frustrations from customers.

"We have a lot of angry customers. I mean they're right down furious about this state being so ignorant to what these products can do and how they help people," says Vandermate.

One organization, New Approach South Dakota aims to educate anyone in the state that might have questions about CBD oils, their uses, and what they believe to be the positive benefits for the right people.

"When people hear CBD or Hemp even, they go straight to Reefer Madness. We try to bring actual education to them, real information, un-biased, un-partisan just facts," says Tabitha Fitch the West River Organizer with New Approach South Dakota.

We reached out to Kristi Noem to get her input in the topic- this was the statement we recieved; Governor-elect Noem maintains that substances derived from cannabis should go through the proper FDA approval process, as other medications are required to do.