Rising Rapid Creek water levels affect Green Valley residents' sewer systems

 Several houses in Green Valley are next to Rapid Creek. (KOTA TV)
Several houses in Green Valley are next to Rapid Creek. (KOTA TV) (KOTA)
Published: May. 21, 2019 at 5:04 PM CDT
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Rain and snow contribute to the rise in water levels in Rapid Creek. Those high water levels are affecting Green Valley residents' sewer systems.

Nearly 400 Green Valley homes are on a septic system but the Green Valley Sanitation District wants to be part of Rapid City's sewer system.

Tuesday's rain and snow caused flooding at several Green Valley homes. By living next to Rapid Creek, when the water levels rise it affects their sewer system.

Green Valley Sanitation District Board President Jason Reitz said by joining the city's sewer system, people would be saving money.

He says each homeowner would have to pay about 25 thousand dollars to install a new mound system to treat the wastewater.

But Reitz says there are health risks with the current system.

"It's a health concern. We're right next to the waterway. If those systems are failing all that raw sewage has the potential of going down into our waterways into the Rapid Creek area. That's not a good situation. We want to prevent that and be good to the environment," Reitz said.

Reitz said the sewer system project could cost about $9 million.

Pennington County commissioners agreed to give a letter of recommendation to help attain funds for the project.

If the Green Valley Sanitation District comes up with the funds, the construction could start in Fall 2020.

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