Restaurant owner is driven by finding that 'Rick and Morty' sauce

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - “Rick and Morty” fans understand the drive for that Mulan McNuggets sauce; and so does Tony DeMaro, owner of kol in Rapid City.

The McDonald’s dipping sauce was a promotional fare when the Disney movie “Mulan” was released.

The sauce was so popular, thousands of people waited in line at McDonald’s restaurants across the country. But it was just for a limited time, leaving sauce fans with an itch they couldn’t scratch.

That maddening desire became a running gag on the Adult Swim cartoon “Rick and Morty.”

To frustrate sauce lovers even more, earlier this month, McDonald’s once again brought the special sauce back and fans of "Rick and Morty" swarmed McDonald's. But the re-released original Szechuan dipping sauce was only available for a day and in very small numbers; leaving fans disappointed and empty handed.

The sauce is so valuable to some fans that single containers of the condiment are being sold online for as much as $1,000.

That might change now that kol and Murphy’s has a recipe that mimics the elusive sauce.

"What's great is it starts off kind of like a maple syrup but smoky, and then you get a little bit of bite of ginger,” DeMaro explained; “and then it finishes with a little bit of heat from the Sriracha, that just makes it perfect for chicken, and great on any of our skewers. It's just a fantastic sauce, I was actually really impressed."

There is also good news for people who just have to have the original.

McDonald’s recently announced that due to demand, they will be bringing the popular sauce back sometime this winter.