Represent South Dakota hosts anti-corruption forum

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RAPID CTIY, S.D. (KOTA TV) One group is fighting for the South Dakota Protection and Anti-Corruption Amendment and they hosted a forum Sunday in Rapid City.

"Represent South Dakota" is providing information on how the South Dakota Voter Protection Act and Anti-Corruption Amendment prevents politicians from repealing voter-passed laws. The group is hoping to answer people's questions about the amendment so that it can win in the 2018 election.

This is all after legislature repealed the voter-approved IM22 earlier this year.

Represent South Dakota wants voters to fight back.

"We heard overwhelmingly from our supporters that they want to see these anti-corruption measures really get put into place strongly and securely, but then also put mechanisms in places so that the legislator can't just overturn election results in the future,” said Represent South Dakota Organizer.”

The group will travel to Pierre and Vermillion this week to hold more forums.