Repairs are underway for sinkhole near Sturgis Middle School

Repair work is underway in Sturgis to fix a sinkhole that appeared on 3rd and Douglas St. near Sturgis Williams Middle School March 6, 2018.

The sink hole was located directly above an existing drainage channel. It grew to about 2' in diameter before caving in. After assessing the damage, crews decided to completely replace the portion above the channel. They cut out the remaining pieces and will add more support beams, rebar and concrete a new road surface over the top.

"This was fixed probably 25 years ago and it used to be an old wooden bridge back in the day before the new canal system was put in," said Cody King, Sturgis Parks superintendent. "So we started tearing it out and after seeing what damage was there, we decided to tear the whole thing and do it right so we don't have to worry about this in the near future. It should be years and years before this issue arises again."

Crews hope to pour concrete this Friday, March 9, and should have the portion of the road open on Monday, March 12.