Rep. Johnson discusses Mueller testimony

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - The nation heard from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday in testimony dealing with the report detailing Russia's attempts to interfere in the 2016 Presidential election.

Robert Mueller testifies before Congress. | Photo Source: CSPAN / YouTube / MGN

On Thursday, South Dakota Representative Dusty Johnson gave his thoughts.

Johnson called the time spent on the testimony, "A wasted opportunity for America." While some democrats saw it as a chance to build a case for impeachment, republicans pushed to close the chapter in American history.

Mueller says his investigation could not indict the president because of Justice Department guidelines, also refusing to say if the president committed a crime.

Representative Johnson said as to what happens now, it's really in the hands of Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi going forward.

"I think we got real issues to tackle in this country. I think it was worthwhile to have an investigation, but after millions of dollars and dozens of attorneys and expert professionals, I hear more and more from the people back home, 'Gosh can't you guys in Washington focus on things like making sure the economy continues to hum along...making sure you're not going to run our fiscal situation into the ground,' I think people are hungry for Washington to get away from the drama and the politics."

The congressman agrees with Mueller saying that Russia is not a friend of our country, adding that the White House and at least the Republicans in Congress are on the same page with wanting systems that are hardened against any kind of interference in elections and making sure Americans are the ones in charge and not anybody else.