Regional prepares for snow

Published: Oct. 9, 2019 at 4:18 PM CDT
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Regional Health is among the key facilities in the Black Hills preparing for anticipated snowfall Wednesday night and into Thursday.

Nursing staff in labor and delivery say the rule of thumb is anyone working during a major storm is expected to stay in case employees cannot make it into work. Additionally, hospital officials will call in more staff to provide relief for those who stay late.

Beth Laughlin is a registered nurse in the labor and delivery area of the Rapid City Regional Hospital. She says they prepare for the worst by freeing up as many beds as possible.

"If we have anything that is elective . . . we will hold off and not invite them in so that way we can save room for people that either go into labor spontaneously or need to be here medically," Laughlin said.

During the October 2013 winter storm (commonly referred to as Atlas), Laughlin said many of the nurses where required to stay at work for the better part of three days.

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