Red Cross volunteers from the Black Hills help relief efforts in AR and MO

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Massive flooding all over the country as major storms swooped through the central United States bringing rain and tornados devastating areas like Jefferson City and Fort Smith. Two local Red Cross volunteers left Saturday to help with the relief effort.

Rising water levels cause problems for people near the Arkansas River, so the American Red Cross is sending volunteers to help. (Tasha Hendrix)

Becky Eisenbraun is the volunteer in Arkansas. She is helping people with basic needs at a shelter in Fort Smith where at least nine clients stopped by as of this morning. With flooding expected to get worse in the next few days, Eisenbraun says there will be more people arriving at the shelter. The other volunteer in Jefferson City, Missouri is assisting with finances and donations.

Both volunteers will spend three weeks in their location. After the initial help, other Red Cross Volunteers or local staff will continue to work with the families affected.

"So it's a long term process and we're really just trying to make sure people are stable. The last thing we want is to see people end up homeless because an event that happened to them," says Richard Smith, executive director of the American Red Cross.

Smith says they encourage people who have time to volunteer with the Red Cross.