Rare sight in South Dakota – a tornado spinning clockwise!

(CNN) - We've seen plenty of tornadoes on TV - some of us have experienced them in person.

A rare, clockwise tornado touched down near Estelline, S.D., June 15. (Becky Bates/Facebook)

But do you ever pay attention to what direction it's spinning?

The National Weather Service says a tornado that hit near Estelline, S.D. last weekend was spinning clockwise.

This is significant because only about 1 percent of tornadoes that hit the northern hemisphere rotate in a clockwise direction.

The NWS says the anticyclonic tornado only lasted for about 45 seconds on June 15. But that was long enough for Becky Bates to capture this rare weather event.

It had estimated peak winds of 75 miles per hour and its path was about one tenth of a mile long.

It caused only relatively minor damage.