Youth Ride Free program off to another solid start

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTATV) - The Rapid Ride Youth Program, which provides free transportation to grade school students, is off to another solid start this year, with a 20 percent ridership increase over last year.

The city promotes the program with flyers, but a city spokesman believes the increased ridership is largely from positive word of mouth.

The service began in an effort to improve school attendance, and has become increasingly convenient for both students and parents ever since.

Darrell Shoemaker, Rapid City Communication Coordinator said, "It basically shows again that there are parents making the decision that until we can afford that first car or you can afford that first car as a student, ya know if you have a single parents family or dual working family out there this is a perfect experience for kids."

City officials say there have been no issues with the youth RapidRide program, but they don't have plans for expansion just yet.