Rapid City will be in the national spotlight as part of C-SPAN's cities tour

C-SPAN vehicle in Rapid City to document local history as part of their cities tour.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Rapid City is the latest stop on a national city tour to celebrate our robust history. It will be in the national spotlight as part of C-SPAN's cities tour.

The news and history channel spends one week in each of the selected cities to document as much as possible.

The goal is to capture the essence of Rapid City and see how the community fits into the national picture.

"If we're trying to explore the American story, it seems to me Rapid City is sort of the epicenter for part of that American story. When you take a look back, you always want to connect today with the past and you take a look and the Black Hills, here in the Rapid City with the city of presidents, it's really a coalescence of Native American culture and the U.S. government and Anglo-Saxon culture, that really I think it's important to know your history and that's why we're here," said Mark Farkas, executive producer of special projects for C-SPAN.

Three producers concentrate on the history of Rapid City as well as what it has become today all while interviewing local authors.

C-SPAN then takes everything they filmed back to D.C. and spends three weeks editing.

With the mission of bringing an unfiltered view to a national audience, Farkas said to know your history, you have to come to a place like Rapid City.

Rapid City's C-SPAN piece will air Oct. 4-5.